Will Starbucks Grind My Coffee? Yes, But It Depends

Will Starbucks Grind My Coffee Beans

Will Starbucks grind your whole coffee beans? The answer is “yes,” but there are a few catches. Let’s explore.

Starbucks offers several grind options for its own brand of coffee beans; however, the beans do need to be unopened and unexpired.

Key Takeaway

  • Yes, Starbucks will grind their own coffee beans, free-of-charge.
  • You can purchase whole-bean coffee from Starbucks or your local store.
  • You can download the Starbucks mobile app, order ahead, and customize the grind for your coffee beans.

How to Request a Grind at Starbucks

When having your coffee beans ground at Starbucks, you will need to specify which grind size you would like. The following is an overview of the different grind settings and grind sizes available at Starbucks:

  • French press/ Cold brew = Coarse
  • Universal = Medium-coarse
  • Flat bottom filter (drip coffee makers) = medium
  • Cone filter (drip coffee makers) = Medium-fine
  • Espresso machines = Fine
  • Turkish coffee makers = Extra-fine

Most people use drip coffee makers that feature flat-bottom filters in their homes.

You can ask a Starbucks barista to grind your coffee beans for you, or you can purchase ground coffee beans through the Starbucks mobile app. When asking a barista in-store, simply let him or her know which type of grind you would like; for example, you could say, “I would like my beans course-ground for a French press.”

If you are unsure of what type of grind you need, the universal grind is recommended. This medium-coarse grind will work with most drip coffee makers, the type of coffee maker used in most homes.

If you order through the app, simply follow the prompts for ordering ground coffee beans.

Starbucks will grind whole coffee beans for free; however, the beans do need to be Starbucks brand. 

Therefore, if you do not have Starbucks coffee beans, you will have to purchase them for a fee. Starbucks does not charge a fee to grind the company’s own brand of coffee beans.

Starbucks Coffee Grinds for Home Brewing

The best type of grind depends on the brewing method you intend to use. The following is a breakdown of some of the different types of coffee grinds that work best for home brewing.

  • Extra course. This option is ideal for French press and cold brew coffee. The large size of the grinds prevents over-extraction, which is important when making coffee that takes a long time to brew.
  • Coarse grind. This grind is slightly finer than extra course; the size is similar to sea salt. It also works well for French press brewing, as well as percolator brewing. Since extraction is so efficient with these methods, coarse grind beans prevent over-extraction.
  • Medium grind. Medium-grind coffee beans, as the name suggests, are the medium between extra coarse and extra fine coffee grounds. Its appearance is similar to sand, and it is ideal for cone-shaped and drip or flat-bottomed coffee makers.
  • Medium-fine grind. The medium-fine grind is referred to as the pour-over grind. This grind is finer than sand and has an appearance that is closer to table salt.
  • Fine grind. Also known as the espresso grind, fine-grind coffee beans are a bit finer than table salt, and it is used with brewing methods that require high-pressure extraction, such as espresso.

When brewing Starbucks coffee at home, start with fresh-ground coffee beans. It’s always important to make sure that you are using a number of coffee grounds that are appropriate for the brewing method you are using.

If you are unsure about the amount, you can refer to the manual that came with your coffee maker. Whichever brewing method you are using, brewing with cold filtered water will yield the freshest results.  

What are the Benefits of Grinding Beans at Starbucks?

Grinding fresh coffee beans at Starbucks offers many benefits. Namely, having your beans ground in-store is one of the most effective ways to maintain the quality and freshness of your coffee beans.

Another benefit of having your coffee beans ground at Starbucks is that you can hand-select the size of the grind that you’d like.

The size of the grind has a direct impact on the flavor and the aroma of your coffee; hence why it is important to choose the appropriate grind size for the brewing method that you intend to use.

Please refer to the grind size that was discussed above to determine which size coffee grind you should request at Starbucks.

If you are not sure what size coffee grinds will work best for you, Starbucks baristas will be able to assist you with choosing the right size, as well as the right coffee beans.

Let the baristas know what brewing method you intend on using at home and the flavor and aroma you prefer, and they will be able to help you choose the ideal option to suit your needs.


Starbucks will brew coffee beans for you, free-of-charge; however, it is important to remember that the beans do need to be Starbucks brand, they have to be unopened, and they must be fresh.

You can either purchase whole Starbucks coffee beans at your local Starbucks or at a retailer that sells whole-bean Starbucks-brand coffee.

Whether you purchase the beans in-store or off-site, ask a Starbucks barista if they will grind them for you. When placing your order, reference the size grind you would like. If you are unsure, ask for guidance. Alternatively, you can order freshly-ground coffee beans via the Starbucks app.

Having your coffee beans ground at Starbucks gives you the opportunity to explore different grinds to see which option you like best. It also gives you a chance to experiment with different brewing methods at home.

There are a variety of coffee brewing methods to explore, and with Starbucks’ freshly ground coffee beans, you will have the opportunity to explore methods that you may have always wanted to try or that you have never even heard of before.


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