What is Dutch Bros Golden Eagle? The New Frappuccino Killer?

what is the dutch bros golden eagle coffee dring

The Dutch Bros Golden Eagle

The Dutch Bros Golden Eagle coffee drink is a creamy breve consisting of half-and-half, bold espresso, caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, and the perfect topping of whipped cream and caramel syrup drizzle. It’s served iced, hot, and blended, making it the perfect coffee drink for any season.

If you’re a first-timer looking to understand what the hype is all about, look no further! The Golden Eagle is a Dutch Bros “fan favorite,” and if you are burnt out on frappuccinos, this is a welcome alternative.

This coffee is one of the most popular drinks featured on the Dutch Bros menu and comes with a major sugar rush. 

But, fair warning for those who don’t have a sweet tooth: The Golden Eagle’s basic recipe is quite a sugary-tasting drink.

If sugar is off the menu, you can always opt for sugar-free syrups and drizzles to keep calories in check.

I’ve heard some people order them without syrups or sweetener, but at that point, it’s not really a Golden Eagle any longer. Doing so breaks the recipe, in my opinion. It becomes more like a macchiato.

The combinations of syrups and the amount of half-and-half can make the coffee flavors faint. 

So if you are looking for a more bold espresso kick, then you’ll likely need to add an extra shot of espresso or tone down the half-and-half.

Here’s How You Can Order The Golden Eagle By Dutch Bros

You can order this delicious coffee in three forms: blended, iced, and hot. Although the other two are self-explanatory, you might wonder how the blended Golden Eagle differs from the other two.

Well, this is a creamier and frostier version of the drink and reaches you thoroughly blended. It’s just the right amount of caffeine content to brighten up your morning and give you a slight shiver on a scorching day.

One of the things I like most about the Dutch Bros Golden Eagle is that it has an incredibly smooth texture. 

golden eagle coffee
Dutch Bros Golden Eagle

The texture comes from the way it’s made. Many of the mixed or blended coffees you can get at other chains are latte based. 

Lattes are somewhat flat in texture because they are made with espresso and steamed milk.

The Golden Eagle, on the other hand, is based on a breve latte made from espresso and steamed half-and-half. This is what sets it apart from other recipes. The half-and-half makes the texture incredible fluffy and luxurious.

This is the coffee you’ll enjoy regardless of being a coffee lover. The excellent combination of rich, creamy half-and-half with ample caramel will likely satisfy every time.

How Much Caffeine Does the Dutch Bros Golden Eagle Have?

Here’s how the caffeine content varies: your choice of the serving size will be the determining factor. However, you’ll likely enjoy approximately 256mg of caffeine for every 20 ounces of fluid to break it down.

This Golden Eagle drink consists of double shots of hot espresso, so the amount of caffeine will probably exceed that of an Americano. 

However, despite having a higher caffeine content, it does not have a bitter taste at all! Instead, the vanilla syrup and caramel drizzle make up for a heavenly and sweet combination.

What is the Nutritional Value of the Golden Eagle Drink?

You can get a Golden Eagle in small, medium, or large, so it’s not a one size fits all affair. But let us talk a little bit about the nutritional value.

The calories in a Golden Eagle range from about 340 for a small to 560 calories for a large. Addons add more calories to this, obviously.

So in its base form, you can expect to eat up a sizable portion of your daily calorie budget and tip the scales against you. 

But if my goal was to get fit, I would not have the Golden Eagle or another coffee drink that is heavy on half-and-half on my menu anyway. The sodium, cholesterol, and carbs could sabotage your progress.

However, there’s always an option of going for nonfat milk or dousing sugar altogether. You can shave off about 150 calories going the sugar-free route. 

Of course, you can also substitute kinds of milk, 2%, almond, or whatever you like to save more calories. But keep in mind, it will lose that luxurious breve texture.

Golden Eagle NutritionLargeMediumSmall
Calories (with Sugar)560480340
Calories (without sugar)404332208
Frappuccino (Calories)510240160
Latte (Calories)210190150
Values are estimations with data from Startbuck’s and Dutch Bros

How Can I Make My Own Golden Eagle?

It would be a stretch to find the actual Dutch Bros Golden Eagle original recipe online. But you can come close.

Here’s how you can attempt to make a DIY Golden Eagle at home:

First, put your 2-3 espresso shots in a blender. Then move on to that caramel sauce, get two tablespoons of it, and mix it into your hot espresso. Then blend with half-and-half.

If you wish to mimic the Dutch bros aesthetic, you can use the caramel drizzle around the edges of the cup for the complete experience.

For the final step:

  1. Add a light drizzle of caramel and whipped cream on top to add some more oomph.
  2. If you prefer extra cold, add ice according to preference, and voila!

This is how you can make a delicious faux Golden Eagle coffee in minimal prep time. However, beware! It will surely fall behind the OG one by Dutch Bros! Also, not steaming the half-and-half keeps it from being super smooth.

Is This Espresso Mixed With Caramel Drizzle Coffee Worth The Money?

Regardless of what you purchase from Dutch Bros, it will be good. But, the second you take a sip out of that cup, you’ll immediately question why you’ve been spending cash at other chains.

Although the price is slightly higher than its competitors, Dutch Bros doesn’t play around with its quality or menu. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to leave impressed and satisfied.

Aside from the creative menu, you’re likely to have a pleasant experience with the staff. I find the staff always friendly and helpful (at least at the stores I’ve visited). So your experience from the window to the last sip of your Golden Eagle promises satisfaction.

What Are You Waiting For? It’s Perfect!

Bottom line, don’t miss out on that creamy and rich texture! If you struggle with drowsiness at the start of the day and have a sweet tooth to please, the Golden Eagle by Dutch Bros is your best friend!

Christopher Mize

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