What Does The Strong Button Do On A Keurig?

what does the keurig strong button do

Slurrp. Ahhh. Yuck! We’ve all been there. Expecting a nice burst of flavor with your morning cup of coffee, only to have an excruciatingly weak brew. It’s beyond frustrating. Especially if you prefer your coffee to be on the bolder side. That’s why Keurig added a nifty little “strong” button. But what exactly does the Keurig strong button do?

Strong buttons on Keurig machines enhance the coffee flavor by allowing more water to slowly pulsate into the K-cup and pull out the bolder natural flavors of the coffee grounds. Allowing the brew to trickle into a heat-resistant glass cup will keep the flavor stronger for longer periods of time.

Key Takeaways

  • The Keurig strong button can be used to create a bolder flavor profile.
  • Most high-end Keurigs feature the useful “strong’ button. 
  • Using the strong button can improve the overall taste of the coffee. 
  • There are a few extra tips and tricks that can help you troubleshoot weak coffee.

Continue reading to learn more about the Keurig strong button.

What is the Strong Button on a Keurig?

The most common complaint people have when using a Keurig is that their coffee is weak. The natural bold flavors aren’t as present as we would like them to be sometimes. Generally, when you use the “regular” brew button, it’s brewing so quickly that the strong flavors aren’t being released. 

Introducing: The “strong” button. It works by increasing the brewing time and more thoroughly saturating the coffee grounds. The coffee grounds steep longer as the water pulsates, bringing out bolder flavors of your preferred blend. If you have about 30 extra seconds in your busy schedule, you can expect a more even and stronger cup of coffee, similar to that of a slow drip.

Benefits to Using the Strong Button

Gone are the days of having to use a coffee pot to brew coffee that is both jam-packed full of flavor and strong enough to get you through your day. By simply pressing the “strong” button on your Keurig machine, you get the added benefit of a single strong cup of coffee with less effort than a time-consuming coffee pot.

In addition to saving time, using the button will produce a powerful, rich fragrance and improve even the most bland of coffee brands. A stronger coffee brew is guaranteed to improve the taste of your coffee. It brings out the natural flavors of any roast blend and improves the quality of your coffee overall.

The best part about using the strong button is that you get the desired results with the same amount of water and coffee. By making simple adjustments that we’ll discuss later, you don’t have to splurge or waste extra product to get the best-tasting, most pungent coffee from your Keurig.

How to Use the Strong Button

It seems pretty self-explanatory to just press that button labeled “strong.” Truth be told, it’s about as simple as that. Simply place your K-cup and mug, fill the reservoir, and press the button. But to get the most out of this flavor enhancer, there are a few things to remember.

  • When you place your K-cup, be sure that both the bottom and top exit needles puncture the pod to allow the coffee grounds to get as saturated as possible.
  • Choosing a double-walled glass mug can keep your brew hotter for longer, thus keeping your robust flavors in arms reach well into the morning.
  • Customizable coffee strength can be achieved by purchasing a reusable K-cup and mixing your most desirable blend.
  • Dark roast K-cups are also a great way to achieve a bolder flavor with minimal extra effort.

Why is Your Keurig Brew So Weak?

Grabbing a cup of watery coffee is enough to ruin even the most positive person’s day. Unfortunately, even when using the “strong” button on your Keurig, you may just be that unlucky sap. There are a few reasons your coffee could be watery, weak, or even just downright nasty sometimes.

  • It’s also possible that your Keurig hasn’t been properly cleaned leaving an oil buildup or other issues. This could leave your brew tasting scorched or extremely harsh. 
  • The water-to-coffee ratio also directly affects your coffee strength. If there is too much water, it’s possible that it could drastically dilute your brew.
  • If your Keurig brewing temperature is not reaching around 192℉, then it’s likely that the chemical reaction that reduces acidity is not happening.

Troubleshoot Common Issues That Cause Weak Coffee 

The most common cause of your Keurig brewing weak coffee is the buildup of oils, grounds, or even dust around the exit needles and water dispenser. Break down your Keurig and wash the pieces, especially the exit needles, thoroughly. Once you’ve done that, run a brew cycle with vinegar, and you should be good to go.

Another reason your Keurig is producing shoddy, weak coffee is that the water-to-coffee ratio is off. Generally, this means that there is too much water for the strong coffee you want. Two ways to fix this issue are to either use a bigger K-cup or decrease the amount you try to brew with the K-cup. Try selecting the cup size below the previously chosen size.

Coffee lovers may also struggle with weak coffee if the Keurig temperature is too low. Try selecting a higher brew temperature. If that option is unavailable or ineffective, replacing the heating element could also fix it. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to upgrade your Keurig.

Common Misconceptions About the Strong Button

Like with any product, there are widespread misconceptions about the Keurig strong button that can lead to quite a lot of confusion and frustration if you aren’t careful. So, let’s take a look at them.

Stronger coffee means more caffeine.

Wrong. Using the “strong” button does not necessarily mean more caffeine. The caffeine content is connected to the type of K-cup you are using. But you can get the most out of your coffee blend by using a higher temperature and less water. 

Stronger does mean a bolder flavor, so your K-cup choice does make a difference. If you’re still lacking strength in flavor, try switching to a darker roast blend or making your own blend. 

It takes too long to brew stronger coffee

While brewing does take a bit longer, the extended brewing time is only about 30 seconds. This only brings the brewing time up to between 60 and 90 seconds. The length of time it takes to brew depends on the Keurig machine you use. Check out these Keurigs that feature the ability to adjust brew strength:

  • Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition 
  • Keurig K-Supreme Plus
  • Keurig K-Select
  • Keurig K-Mini Plus
  • Keurig C K-Elite

In Conclusion

It might be difficult to make coffee the right strength, especially with a Keurig. But pressing that “strong” button will help your coffee brew reach its maximum potential. With this information, you won’t be left wondering, “What does the “strong” button on a Keurig do?” 

The “strong” button is the key to getting a strong, bolder flavor of coffee from your Keurig. Making sure the Keurig is properly cleaned, having the right water-to-coffee ratio, and making sure that your Keurig is getting hot enough are simple steps to take to improve the strong button function. 

So, pop that K-cup in, listen for the click, and get to brewing. The button is truly a lifesaver for your morning routine—and your tastebuds.  


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