Need A Substitute For Coffee Creamer? 25 Perfect Alternatives

substitute for coffee creamer

Nothing can ruin your coffee routine like running out of coffee creamer. Whether looking for the best alternatives for your favorite creamer in a pinch or exploring healthier creamer options, these 25 best substitutes for traditional creamers have you covered.

The best substitutes for coffee creamer include milk, dairy-free, plant-based, and vegan options such as half-and-half, heavy cream, condensed milk, oat, almond, or coconut milk, and even cocoa powder. The best creamer substitutes are ones you already have or can quickly whip up at home.

These top substitutes for coffee creamer are so good that you might even enjoy them more than your favorite creamer.

The 25 Best Substitutes for Coffee Creamers

Whole Milk, Reduced Fat Milk, Or Skim Milk

Choosing the best coffee creamer substitute sometimes comes down to what you have. One of the easiest ways to replace your usual liquid or powdered creamer is to use any milk and a sweetener available in your kitchen.

There are many types of milk to choose from when picking an alternative to creamer for your coffee. These include whole milk, which has less fat but fine silkiness, comparable to velvety whipping cream.

The less fatty alternatives are great options too. Reduced fat 2% milk and skim milk are solid low-fat options. 2% has less fat (sugar and calories) than whole, and skim milk has zero fat.

Remember that these options won’t bring flavor as silky as whole milk.

I go with 2% myself. 

Chocolate Milk

From whole cow’s milk to cashew milk, chocolate milk is an excellent option if you’ve run out of regular creamer. Just splash in some chocolate milk for a truly decadent coffee creamer experience.

If you want dairy milk that’s easier to digest without the allergens, consider trying liquid or powdered goat milk that’s available in many grocery stores or co-ops.

Sweet or Unsweetened Condensed or Evaporated Milk

While canned milk differs from regular milk, it’s a fantastic substitute for coffee creamer.

That’s because canned, condensed, or evaporated milk has removed the water, resulting in a thick, super sweet, syrupy texture.

If you use sweetened condensed milk or add sweetener to a non-sweetened can, it will taste very similar to most creamers you’re used to.

If you don’t like canned milk, you can whip up a fast batch at home with milk and sugar in a pan.


Half-and-half is perfect as a coffee creamer. Half whole milk and half cream, it’s a delicious blend that creates an ideal balance between milk and cream. This means you’ll get a coffee creamer substitute that isn’t either too watery or too rich.

Half-and-half is a staple creamer. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing it.

Heavy Cream

Want an ultra-creamy and luxurious cup of joe? Just splash some heavy cream into your cup for a velvety flavor that will give you a little sip of heaven.

This is the way to go if you want a smooth texture and flavor. Admittedly, it’s heavier on calories but well worth the guilt once in a while.


Most people don’t think of butter when swapping out coffee creamers. But, while it might come as a surprise to think about it, butter is made from milk, too.

Rich, fatty, and satisfying, adding butter to your coffee is popularly known as keto or butter coffee.

Butter contains vitamin E, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids and can also fire up your metabolism and keep you feeling full longer.

Bulletproof Coffee

Give black coffee with a twist a shot with Bulletproof coffee when you substitute it for your regular creamer. Developed by Dave Asprey, Bulletproof coffee is a popular type of butter coffee that contains high-quality, Arabic coffee beans. This helps reduce

Cocoa Butter

The good news is that only some great coffee creamer alternatives have to have milk or milk substitutes. 

Smooth with chocolate tones, cocoa butter, derived from cacao beans, is a keto-friendly way to add both antioxidants and a dairy-free splash of flavor to your morning coffee.

On the plus side, adding just a teaspoon of cacao butter to your beverage can reduce caffeine jitters and keep you feeling satisfied for longer.


While egg yolk isn’t the first thing most people think about when hunting for a coffee creamer substitute. Whisking egg yolk into your coffee can produce a frothy, aromatic drink packed with protein.

The practice of stirring whisked egg yolks into coffee started in Korea during World War II when the country experienced a milk shortage. Faced with few options, people got creative and began using egg yolk as a delicious creamer alternative. Just pour hot or iced coffee over a whisked egg to get the perfectly decadent frothy texture.


With its rich golden tones and nectarous flavor, honey is a delightful substitute for coffee creamer.

Adding honey means you don’t need to add any extra sugar, which can remove the bitter undertones that come with black coffee. Honey is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. And can give your cup of joe a new flavor reminiscent of fields of sunflowers or clover.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This creamer substitute can add a healthy tang to your morning coffee. Sprinkle a dash of apple pie seasoning over a heated spoonful of apple cider and stir it into your coffee to create a heavenly apple pie flavor.

Almond Milk

If you’re looking for a dairy-free or plant-based coffee creamer substitute, almond milk is the perfect place to start.

With a subtle nutty flavor and creamy texture, almond milk is lactose-free and filled with protein that can help you feel full for a longer time.

That’s one of many benefits that almond milk packs. Many brands are super silky and creamy. They also have various flavor options ranging from vanilla and chocolate to unsweetened and more.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is another popular coffee creamer that’s a favorite substitute due to its frothy, slightly sweet, and silky-smooth texture. 

It’s also rich in plant protein and available in various flavors, including plain, vanilla, and even chocolate soy milk. 

It can infuse your coffee with a deep, rich mocha taste that’s the perfect flavor boost to spice up a cold winter day.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is hands down one of the best options when it comes to zero-lactose and plant-based creamer alternatives.

Just stir this gentle, creamy, and softly sweet milk into your cup of joe for a winning creamer choice. With a faint oat-like flavor, it complements coffee well for people who want to reduce soy intake or want to avoid the nutty flavor found in oat milk.

Coconut Milk

With a thinner texture than oat milk or almond milk, coconut milk is a delightful way to add a slight coconut fragrance and taste to coffee.

Maple Syrup

When you run out of creamer, it’s time to get creative. Suppose you have a bottle of maple syrup in your fridge. This can sweeten up a cup of black coffee without adding intense sweetness, extra carbs, or calories like regular creamers.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract adds a great vanilla flavor that can give your coffee a little extra impact with taste in a pinch if you run out of creamer.

Coconut Cream

If you’re in love with tropical flavors and happen to have coconut cream on hand, try adding some thick, rich, and creamy coconut cream to your hot or iced brew coffee.

Not only will you get a coconut flavor, but you’ll also get a satisfying creamer without all the extra sugar that’s in traditional artificial creamers.

Coconut Oil

Not to worry if you don’t have coconut milk or coconut cream on hand. You can make a dairy-free type of butter coffee just by using a spoonful of coconut oil. Not only is this coffee creamer option sugar-free, but It’s also low-carb and packed with healthy fats and triglycerides that boost brain health.

Cinnamon Powder or Extract

Want a warm, spicy flavor that melts like pumpkin pie in your mouth? Just whisk some cinnamon powder or extract into your black coffee. Or even toss in some maple syrup and a dairy or plant-based creamer to give that basic cup of joe some serious cozy vibes.

Cocoa Butter

While this decadent delight has “butter” in the name, this is a plant-based creamer substitute that’s derived from cocoa beans that come from South America and the African continent. That means it has zero lactose, which makes it a great alternative for anyone allergic to traditional dairy creamers.

If you do a lot of baking, you might have some cocoa butter sitting on the shelf. With a smooth, luxurious, and buttery texture, cocoa butter has a solid yellow mass that just needs a little melting to add a heavenly smell and taste to your coffee cup.


Another popular option is to sweeten your black coffee (or add it to another milky creamer option) with agave syrup. Derived from the blue agave succulent plant that grows in arid regions in Mexico. With a flavor like nectar, agave is an excellent option to sweeten coffee while consuming many health benefits that aren’t found in other types of creamers.

Monk Fruit Extract

Just stir any monk fruit extract that you have on hand into your coffee for an instant and delicious sugar-free, calorie-free, and carb-free creamer substitute.

Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a good option if you run out of creamer and want a nut-free, dairy-like option. While hemp milk has a thin texture that doesn’t offer any creaminess, it has a slight, neutral nutty taste that helps complement any cup of coffee. It’s also a good alternative for people with tree-nut allergies.

Protein Powder or Collagen Powder

Run out of creamer and want to give your coffee a vital boost? Whether you’re running out the door to work or hitting the gym for a workout, protein or collagen powder is a nutritious substitute for regular coffee creamer. Just pour a single scoop into your cup and stir for success.

Coffee Creamer Substitutes In A Nutshell

If you’ve run out of creamer and are scrambling for a tasty option or want to revolutionize your coffee creamer with healthier alternatives. 

In that case, these 25 best coffee creamer substitutes give a wide range of delicious options.

From mouth-watering heavy cream or silky-smooth plant-based options to protein-based blends or a dash of dark cocoa and apple pie, these substitutes are a great way to survive a creamer crisis and kick your day off to the right start.

The best part is that it doesn’t take much work to add or whip up these creamers and take your homemade coffee experience from basic black to the next level.

Healthy Alternatives To Coffee Creamer Video

This video goes into even more detail about alternative creamers. So if you are looking for another healthy substitute for coffee creamer this is a good watch.

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