Discover the Trend: Is Peanut Butter Good in Coffee?

Is Peanut Butter Good in Coffee

Recently, there has been a new trend of adding peanut butter to coffee. We’ve seen a signature peanut butter coffee drink from Dunkin Donuts. And even the Skippy brand has been posting things like peanut butter iced coffee recipes on their social media. 

So what’s this whole peanut butter coffee trend about? Is peanut butter good in coffee? I found this trend a bit odd at first. But as someone who loves to keep up with every coffee trend, I had to try it for myself. 

Peanut butter is good in coffee. The natural fats in peanut butter blend well with coffee to create a nice, smooth flavor. Peanut butter mixes easily and can be a good substitute for regular creamer. Plus, you can use various brands like Jif, Skippy, Smucker’s, and PB2 to achieve different tastes. 

In this article, I’ll provide a full breakdown of my experience of adding peanut butter to coffee. Plus, I’ll give you some tips on recipes and best practices for mixing peanut butter in coffee effectively. Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Peanut butter coffee tastes good and is a good alternative to milk or creamer. 
  • Adding peanut butter to coffee (in moderation) can have health benefits. 
  • You can make peanut butter coffee at home or find it in some coffee shops. 

The History of Peanut Butter in Coffee

The use of peanut butter in coffee dates all the way back to the 1940s. Research isn’t exactly clear on how this combo started. Some experts believe that it was a method of helping treat malnourished patients. But that is just a theory. 

During the 1940s, many diners and coffeehouses started serving peanut butter coffee frequently. While many people enjoyed it, the trend faded over time. 

The ending of the trend probably had to do with health-conscious mindsets. After all, peanut butter is mostly fat-based, and dietary fats were demonized for some time. Since then, we have realized that natural (healthy) fats like the ones in peanut butter are actually good for you. This may have to do with the trend starting back up now. 

Over the last couple of years, more social media posts about peanut butter coffee have been popping up. Even 5-10 years ago, it started catching on with the bulletproof coffee trend. Many people have been promoting adding healthy fats like butter and peanut butter to coffee.

Plus, it tastes delicious. There were many rave reviews when Dunkin Donuts came out with their Peanut Butter Macchiato.

Why Add Peanut Butter to Coffee?

One of the main reasons to add peanut butter to coffee is taste. Many people don’t like plain black coffee. That’s why creamers and other additives to coffee are so popular. 

From my experience, peanut butter in coffee does taste very good. It adds a smooth and creamy flavor. While it isn’t something I’d drink every day, it’s a nice way to switch things up when I don’t want to use milk or creamer. 

As mentioned earlier, many people may add peanut butter for health benefits. The healthy fats you get from peanuts are good for you. And it is necessary to have fats in a well-rounded diet. 

Since fats are slower-digesting, consuming peanut butter in the morning keeps you full for longer. So if you’re trying to get a productive start to your day and avoid snacking, consuming some peanut butter may help. 

The Pros and Cons of Peanut Butter in Coffee

There are both positives and negatives to adding peanut butter to coffee. The table below will break it down further for you. 

Pros of Peanut Butter in CoffeeCons of Peanut Butter in Coffee
1. Nutrition Boost: Peanut butter is a good source of protein and healthy fats, which can complement the antioxidants in coffee.1. Calorie Increase: Adding peanut butter to your coffee can significantly increase the caloric content, which might not be ideal for those watching their calorie intake.
2. Taste Enhancement: Peanut butter can add a rich, creamy, and slightly nutty flavor to your coffee, making it more enjoyable.2. Consistency Changes: If not properly mixed, peanut butter can change the consistency of your coffee, making it slightly thicker than some might prefer.
3. Keeps You Full: The protein and fats in peanut butter can help you feel fuller for longer, which can be beneficial if you’re trying to manage your weight.3. Potential Allergies: Those with a peanut allergy should obviously avoid this trend, as it could cause serious health reactions.
4. Easy to Incorporate: Most households already have peanut butter, making it a convenient addition to your morning brew.4. May Not Pair Well With All Coffees: Some coffee purists might argue that peanut butter doesn’t complement all types of coffee, especially certain high-quality, single-origin beans.

What Kind of Peanut Butter Should You Use?

There’s no shortage of peanut butter brands in the grocery store aisle. So which will work best in your coffee? I had the same dilemma, so I tried a bunch of them, including:

  • Jif
  • Skippy
  • Peter Pan
  • Smucker’s Organic
  • Justin’s Classic
  • PB2

From the ones I tried, I found a surprising favorite, PB2. At first, I wasn’t sure how well powdered peanut butter would work. But it actually tastes just like regular peanut butter in coffee. Plus, it mixes in much easier and has fewer calories per serving. A win-win all around. 

Other than PB2, I found that Jif was my favorite out of the regular peanut butter options. Jif was nice and creamy in coffee and the easiest to mix compared to other brands. 

You can see my full breakdown of different peanut butter brands in coffee in the table below. 

BrandTasteTextureSolubilityCalories (per 2 tbsp)Keto-Friendly?
JifSweet, slightly saltyCreamy, smoothMixes well with some stirring190No
SkippySweet, richCreamy, a little chunkyDissolves easily with stirring190No
Peter PanMildly sweet, subtleCreamy, smoothMixes moderately, might require vigorous stirring200No
Smucker’s OrganicPure, mildly saltySlightly grittyRequires vigorous stirring to dissolve210Yes
Justin’s ClassicPure, subtly sweetSlightly grittyRequires vigorous stirring to dissolve190Yes
PB2 PowderedMild, less sweetInitially powdery, becomes creamy when mixedDissolves very well due to its powdered form60Yes

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter in Coffee

As I mentioned earlier, there are several health benefits of peanut butter in coffee. Some of the main ones are:

  1. Peanut butter is rich in antioxidants. Couple that with the rich antioxidant profile of coffee, and you’re packing a powerful punch in your morning beverage. One of the primary antioxidants in peanut butter is resveratrol. This antioxidant benefits cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart disease
  2. Peanut butter is micro-nutrient rich. It has high amounts of vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, and more. Consuming a healthy amount of these vitamins and minerals will provide you with sustained energy throughout the day.
  3. Peanut butter is high in healthy fats. While fats were demonized for some time, studies now have conclusive evidence that they aren’t harmful (in moderation). Plus, they carry many health benefits. For instance, the monounsaturated fat (oleic acid) in peanut butter helps with insulin sensitivity

Putting peanut butter in your coffee won’t be the magic health cure for everything. But you can enjoy it knowing it isn’t bad in moderation. It may even have some good health benefits since it’s very nutrient-rich. 

How to Make Peanut Butter Coffee at Home

Now that you know all about peanut butter in coffee, you’re probably wondering about making peanut butter coffee at home. Since I tried peanut butter in coffee and loved it, I’ve been brewing up some great recipes to bring to you. Below, you’ll see a table with instructions and ingredients for each one.

Peanut Butter Coffee RecipeIngredientsInstructionsPreparation TimeServings
Peanut Butter Latte-2 shots of espresso-300 ml of milk -1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or PB2)-1 tablespoon of honey-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract-1/4 teaspoon of cinnamonStep 1: Brew 2 shots of espresso.Step 2: Mix the peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, and cinnamon until it thickens.Step 3: Pour over the coffee.10-15 Minutes1 Serving
Peanut Butter Iced Latte-2 shots of espresso-16 ounces of coffee (frozen)-300 ml of milk -1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or PB2)-1 tablespoon of honey-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract-1/4 teaspoon of cinnamonStep 1: Brew 16 ounces of coffee and freeze it using an ice cube tray for 3 hours.Step 2: Brew 2 shots of espresso and let it cool.Step 3: Mix peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, and cinnamon until thick. Step 4: Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until smooth. 180 Minutes1 Serving
Peanut Butter Cappuccino -1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or PB2)-½ cup of milk -2 shots of espressoStep 1: Brew 2 shots of espresso.Step 2: Heat the milk for 20-30 seconds in the microwave.Step 3: Mix the milk with the peanut butter until smooth. Step 4: Pour and mix into the coffee.10-15 Minutes1 Serving
Peanut Butter Iced Cappuccino -1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or PB2)-½ cup of milk -16 ounces of coffee (frozen)-2 shots of espressoStep 1: Brew 16 ounces of coffee and freeze it in an ice cube tray for 3 hours. Step 2: Brew 2 shots of espresso. Step 3: Add all ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth. 180 Minutes1 Serving
Peanut Butter Mocha-1 tablespoon of peanut butter (or PB2)-3/4 cup of almond milk-2 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder2 shots of espresso -½ teaspoon of cinnamonStep 1: Brew 2 shots of espresso. Step 2: Heat the sugar and cocoa powder on medium heat in a saucepan for 1-2 minutes. Step 3: Combine the heated cocoa powder and sugar with the peanut butter and cinnamon. Step 4: Pour the mixture over the coffee and mix together. 15-20 Minutes1 Serving

Do Any Coffee Shops Offer Peanut Butter Coffee?

As mentioned earlier, Dunkin Donuts offers peanut butter coffee. Unfortunately, their Peanut Butter Macchiato is only available in October for Halloween each year. Many fans of Dunkin love it so much that it may become a regular menu item in the future. But we’ll have to wait and see. 

Starbucks also has a peanut butter option, but it’s on their secret menu, so you have to special order it. To order it, you start with a Mocha Frappuccino. Then, ask to add toffee nut syrup and substitute in soy milk. You can also add an optional mocha drizzle or whip. The barista should know what to do from there.

Other local coffee shops in your area may also have a peanut butter coffee option. Searching something along the lines of “peanut butter coffee near me” should help you find any possible options. 

I do encourage you to try the Starbucks or Dunkin peanut butter coffees if you can get them. I think they’re both delicious! Plus, if you can find other options local to you, go for it! 


There you have it. That’s everything you need to know about peanut butter coffee. 

There’s really no one size fits all solution here. Try different types of peanut butter to find the perfect peanut butter for coffee for your needs. Additionally, try different peanut butter coffee varieties. You can start with the recipes I listed in this article as a good base or try to find some at coffee shops. 

If you’ve tried peanut butter in coffee, comment below with your thoughts. I’d enjoy hearing about your experiences too.


Does Coffee with Peanut Butter Taste Good?

Coffee with peanut butter does taste good. Although, personal opinions may vary. It’s a good alternative to milk or creamer that adds a smooth, rich texture to coffee. 

Why Would Someone Put Butter in Their Coffee?

Those who want an alternative to milk or creamer may find butter, or peanut butter is a good change of pace. Additionally, butter contains slow-digesting healthy fats. It’ll keep you full for longer to prevent snacking. 

What Celebrity Puts Butter in Their Coffee?

Many celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Halle Berry, and Ronda Rousey are known for putting butter in their coffee due to the popular bulletproof coffee trend. 

How Does Adding Peanut Butter to Coffee Affect its Taste?

Adding peanut butter to coffee will make it taste much smoother and creamier. Plus, the peanut butter flavor is strong enough to mask most of the acidity of black coffee. 

Can I Use Any Brand of Peanut Butter in My Coffee?

You should be able to add most brands of peanut butter to your coffee. Although, it is advisable to avoid adding chunky peanut butter. The chunks can make for a poor drinking experience.

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