Does Flavored Coffee Have Carbs? A Comprehensive Guide

does flavored coffee have carbs

Coffee is the go-to beverage for so many people. The variety of options for additional flavors—milks, espresso shots, etc.—only serve to enhance people’s coffee experiences. But some of us can get lost in our health journey and get a bit confused on whether coffee is a safe option. 

Normally, a plain black coffee contains very few carbs, if any. However, as you begin to “spice things up” and add flavors, is this changing? Does flavored coffee have carbs?

Flavored coffee does not generally contain carbs because the beans don’t. However, additives used during the roasting process or after the brewing process can lead to hidden carbs and calories. Adding extras like sugar or caramel can add unnecessary carbs to your flavored coffee.

Key Takeaways

Carb-conscious coffee drinkers—read this. Our guide to flavored coffee and carbs will help you avoid breaking the rules.

Understanding Carbohydrates and Coffee

In case you weren’t aware, carbohydrates (carbs) are a lifelong requirement. They are something your body needs daily to survive. But what exactly are carbs? And how does carb content affect your coffee intake?

What You Need to Know About Carbs

According to the Cleveland Clinic, carbohydrates—fibers, starches, and sugars—are macronutrients that are essential for day to day living. They are found in many foods, like fruits and vegetables, and all sorts of drinks. 

After ingesting carbohydrates, your body begins to digest them into glucose (blood sugar). From there, they are absorbed into your bloodstream. Your body then uses the glucose to fuel itself and give you energy. It can be quite dangerous if you lack the essential glucose for your body to function.

Importance of Healthy Carb Intake/Watching Carbs

Carbs can be found in both healthy and unhealthy foods alike. As mentioned, carbs come from sugars, starches, and fibers. However, finding the right foods for healthy carbs is extremely important.

Unhealthy carbs, according to an article from Harvard, can contribute to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease. They can come from things like white bread, sodas, cakes, etc. It’s important to eat the right foods with healthy carbs to fuel your body daily. 

Carb Content in Coffee

Fortunately, according to Healthline, plain coffee and even espresso do not contain many carbs, if any. So, you’re not adding to an unhealthy intake by just drinking a morning cup of coffee. According to the article, 12 ml of black coffee contains about 1 gram of carbs, and a 1-ounce shot of espresso only actually contains about 0.5 grams.

Flavored Coffees and Carbs

We’ve discussed what the approximate carb intake may be with just a simple cup of black coffee. However, many of us enjoy adding all sorts of flavors to enhance the experience. But as we add the flavors, does that change the amount of carbs the coffee has? Which flavors have more carbs?

Popular Coffee Drinks and Flavors

First, let’s go over some of the most popular flavors of coffee, particularly at places like Starbucks. Each flavor is unique in its carb output, so let’s have a look. 

Popular Additives and Carb Count 

Flavored Coffee AdditivesMeasurementsCarb Count
Mocha7 ml7 grams
French Vanilla15 ml10 grams
White Mocha Syrup7 ml11 grams
Caramel7 ml3 grams
Hazelnut7 ml3 grams
Whipping CreamPer cup6.5 grams
Almond Milk2 TBSP0.5 grams

Check out the carb counts for these popular Starbucks flavored coffee drinks.

Popular Flavored Coffee Carb Count (Starbucks “Tall” 12 oz)

DrinkCarb Count
Vanilla Latte28 grams
Iced White Mocha Latte41 grams
Pumpkin Spice Latte38 grams
Java Chip Frappuccino47 grams
Irish Cream Cold Brew11 grams
Iced Caramel Macchiato26 grams
Caramel Macchiato 32 grams

Reducing Carb Content in Coffee

Now that we’ve looked at some of the more popular drinks and flavors, it’s clear that the carb intake has significantly increased. Even though the coffee beans themselves do not contain any carbs, all of the other additives do. But here are some tips to decrease the extra carbs that come with flavoring:

  • Try using pre-flavored coffee beans at home. Most of the oils used to flavor coffee beans do not contain any additional carbs.
  • Order a low fat version of the drink you want to decrease the number of carbs.
  • Decrease the amount of flavoring you put in your drink.
  • Use almond milk instead of regular dairy milk.

Carb Content in Flavored Coffee Beans

As we’ve seen, many flavored additives contain extra carbs. But, what about flavored coffee beans? Most flavored beans do not contain any extra carbs. However, this depends on what flavors have been used during the roasting process. 

Generally, the increased carb count comes from the flavorings added after the brewing process. So it’s safe to say that flavored coffee beans are a keto-compliant alternative to sugary syrups and extra enhancers.

In Conclusion

In a world where we are constantly confused about what’s healthy and what isn’t, it can be confusing when it comes to some of our favorite things, like coffee. Carbs are an essential part of your diet to fuel your body and keep it functioning. Fortunately, coffee itself generally doesn’t contain carbs, so it’s a safe and healthy option.

However, it can be a risky business when drinking flavored coffee. Flavored coffee beans generally don’t contain carbs. But most flavors added after the brewing process do. Making your own flavored coffee at home with pre-flavored beans, using almond milk, and being cautious of the flavors you choose can help decrease risks. Enjoying your flavored coffee doesn’t mean being unhealthy. 


Is flavored coffee keto-friendly?

It depends. Flavored coffee can be keto-friendly because flavored coffee beans contain no added carbs. However, flavor enhancers like caramel, milk, sugar, etc. can go against Keto rules.

Can I drink flavored coffee while fasting?

Yes. Most flavored coffees are safe to consume while fasting.

Do flavored k-cups have carbs?

Yes. According to Keurig, flavored coffees add about 0.3 grams of carbohydrates.

Are there any sugar-free options for flavored coffee?

Oh, absolutely! There are a number of sugar-free options, both store bought and at places like Starbucks. Just carefully check the packaging for store items and specify that preference when ordering.

Can you drink coffee on a low-carb diet?

You can and should. Coffee itself does not contain carbs, so it’s perfect for low-carb diets. Additionally, drinking coffee promotes digestive health.

Can you make your own flavored coffee at home?

Definitely. It’s a great choice to make your own flavored coffee. However, depending on what flavors you use and how you use them, you could unintentionally break ketosis. 

Is milk in my coffee okay on Keto?

It depends. Dairy milk is not keto-compliant, so go for a plant-based milk if you must have it.

Is flavored coffee bad for you?A: It depends on what’s in it.

It depends on what’s in it. Some additives are considered “bad carbs” or unhealthy, like sugar syrups. These can increase the chances of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

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