Can You Use A Nespresso Capsule More Than Once? Maybe, Maybe Not 

can you use a nespresso capsule more than once

With Nespresso capsules you can make premium coffee at home, with the delightful taste and aroma of a cafe brew. But many coffee lovers wonder whether you can use these pods more than once.

According to Nespresso, capsules and pods are designed for single use only. However, it is possible to use a pod or capsule a second time. But it will result in weaker coffee, with lesser aroma and flavor.

Read on to learn more about how you can reuse your Nespresso capsules, and the differences in coffee strength, flavor, and taste.

How Many Times Can You Use A Nespresso Capsule?

While you can use some Nespresso Capsules twice, the specifics depend on the type of capsule you’re using.

The Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules are dome-shaped capsules filled with ground coffee beans.

You can get capsules for espresso or other coffee flavors, with a total of 41 selections. It’s important to note that the Nespresso capsules are different from the Nespresso Pods. While the pods are smaller and only come in one size, the capsules come in three different sizes.  

The size of your capsule also determines its flavor and intensity. So naturally, if you have a larger-sized capsule you can get two cups out of it, although the second cup will be weaker than the first. There’s a huge misconception that the Nespresso capsule only serves espresso coffee.

While that may be true for the pods, you can get the capsules in a variety of delicious flavors from Vanilla Custard Pie to Hazelino Muffin. If you’re wondering whether you can use your Nespresso Capsule a third time, the answer is no!

Reusing the capsules once will result in some loss of flavor and aroma but still give you a decent cup of coffee. A third use would only give you a watery, tasteless brew that most coffee drinkers would find intolerable.

There are several ways to reuse these capsules including rebrewing them or refilling them. With rebrewing, you get a weaker result, but you also don’t have to put in any work. The other option is to open up the used capsule, clean it out, and refill it.

You would then DIY an aluminum cap and attempt to brew the altered capsule in your coffee maker. With this method, you’d get stronger, better-tasting coffee, but there is no guarantee of success.

It also requires more work. 

Ultimately it all comes down to what you want, how much effort you’re willing to put it, and the type of coffee you prefer.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Nespresso Capsule?

 The best way to answer the question is to try it yourself. For some coffee drinkers, the weaker coffee won’t be a deal breaker. For people who are more particular about how they like their brews it may be a problem. So how do you do it? 

Method 1 – Brew It Again 

The easiest way of course is to simply brew a second cup of coffee following the exact same method. Simply put your cup on the coffee maker, fill the jug with milk, and place the capsule in the machine. With the press of a single button, you can get the coffee drink of your choice. 

Since the first brew extracts a lot of the flavor from the capsule, the second brew will taste weaker and watered down. This is perfect for drinkers who enjoy milder flavors, or people who are trying to cut down on their coffee intake. If you’re used to drinking 2 cups of coffee a day, you can definitely get a decent second cup out of your Nespresso capsule. 

Method 2 – Replace The Grounds

If you’re really committed to getting the most out of your capsules you can try this method. Once you’re done using a capsule use a knife to cut through the aluminum foil that covers the capsules.

Empty out the used capsule, discarding the pre-packaged coffee grounds. Then clean out the inside of the capsule, dry it, and refill it using your favorite grind. A single capsule takes around 2 tsp of finely ground coffee.

Now you can cover the capsule with a piece of aluminum foil, wrapping it under the lip. Fold the edges neatly to make a crisp tightly packed edge and voila you have a capsule that’s good as new! Now you can rebrew it in your machine.

This method doesn’t always work, so it may take some practice to get your capsule close to the original.

Disadvantages of Re-Using A Nespresso Capsule

Even though you can use your Nespresso Capsule a second time there are several reasons why this isn’t recommended. 

Less Caffeine

Naturally, using a Nespresso Capsule more than once will result in weaker coffee. For coffee drinkers who have a “one cup a day routine” the lower caffeine intake may mess up your day. If you’re using this method to replace a fresh cup you’d normally brew you should prepare yourself for the reduced caffeine intake.

Bad Taste

With the used capsules most of the coffee or espresso has already been sucked out of the beans. That means you could end up with a weak and watered-down brew, or even a bitter and burnt flavor because of the over-extraction. Re-using your Nespresso capsules is definitely a risk. Even we can’t tell you exactly what you’ll end up with. 

Poor Aroma

Half the fun of using a Nespresso Capsule is the coffee aroma that comes with a fresh brew. The capsules promise a professional barista experience from the comfort of your home. But that doesn’t happen when you use them a second time.

While the coffee may taste decent you won’t get the delicious aroma that comes with it. And for many coffee lovers, brewing a fresh cup is as much about the experience as it is the caffeine.

Will Re-Using Your Capsule Affect The Coffee Maker Warranty?

Earlier Nespresso was voiding warranties when the damage was caused because of reused capsules. However, that is no longer the case.

You may have to pay a fee if your capsule gets jammed in the machine. This is a concern if you’re using method 2 and refilling your capsules. Otherwise, you can still take full advantage of your machine’s warranty.

Can Nescafe Nespresso Capsules Be Recycled?

If you’re goal is to be sustainable in your use of these capsules rest assured that Nespresso has a system for recycling. Once used you can ship your capsules to the nearest drop-off location.

From there they are transported to the central recycling center where the coffee grounds are separated from the aluminum packaging. The coffee grounds are turned into a compost mixture to fertilize the earth. The aluminum packaging is melted down and reused.

All in all, the system works to ensure the prevention of any harmful environmental impact.

Final Take On Reusing Nespresso Capsules And Pods

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get the most out of your Nespresso capsule. For many coffee lovers who’re trying to sustain their caffeine habits while still staying within budget, reusing your capsules is a solid strategy.

Even if you don’t use them to make a whole new mug, you can definitely use them to top off your drink. 

So why not give it a try? At worst you won’t like the results. At best you find a brilliant new way to save money and get a few dozen cups of free coffee! 

Otherwise, pass on the weak tasting brew you are likely to get and send them in to be recycled.

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