Can I Put Chia Seeds In My Coffee? A Nutrient Boost Guide

Chia seeds in coffee

Recently I’ve been on a quest to make a more nutritionally-dense cup of coffee. Something I came across was adding chia seeds to coffee. At first, it sounded a bit weird. I wasn’t sure if it would work. If you’re wondering, “can I put chia seeds in my coffee?” I have the answer for you. 

You can add chia seeds in coffee. In fact, they’re one of the best superfoods to add to your coffee. Soak them in water for 20 minutes to an hour beforehand to make them drinkable. Then, mix them thoroughly with your cup of coffee for a nutrition-packed way to start your day.  

If you’ve been watching recent coffee trends, you’ll know many people speak about using chia seed coffee to revolutionize your morning routine. In this article, I’ll explain whether those claims are valid or not. I’ll cover the health benefits of chia seeds and directions on creating the perfect chia-infused coffee. Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Chia seeds have many health benefits that make adding them to coffee a great idea. 
  • Soak chia seeds in water before mixing them with coffee. 
  • Look for pure and certified organic chia seeds to get the best results.  

The Key Health Benefits of Chia Seeds in Coffee

The power of coffee antioxidants combined with superfoods like chia seeds can have amazing effects. Some of the main health benefits of chia seeds in coffee are:

  • It’s a highly nutritious way to start your day. Chia seeds contain high amounts of calcium, fiber, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, and more. When you combine that with the antioxidants in coffee, like polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids, that benefit the cardiovascular system and things like immune function, you get an awesome beverage.
  • This nutritionally-dense beverage may lower your risk of heart disease. Chia seeds are an excellent way to get omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Studies have found that omega-3 does help reduce the risk of heart disease. Combining that with similar benefits in coffee and you’re really helping your heart health. 
  • It may improve bone health and density. Chia seeds are high in calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. They’re all nutritionally-rich components that have a big impact on bone health. As a kid, you probably had your parents tell you to drink your milk (full of calcium) to get big and strong. Well, chia seeds can have a similar impact. 
  • Consuming chia seed coffee may help with blood sugar levels. Studies have pointed to chia seeds having benefits on insulin sensitivity. So drinking chia seed coffee after meals or early in the day could help balance blood sugar out so you feel happier as you go about daily tasks. 

Overall, both chia seeds and coffee have many health benefits. It makes sense that combining the two for easy consumption would make getting essential nutrients from both much easier. I’ve certainly found benefits from making chia-seed coffee myself. It gives me a fulfilling energy boost as I begin my day. 

How to Add Chia Seeds to Coffee

So chia seed coffee has a bunch of health benefits. But you’re probably wondering, how do I make this healthy beverage? Here are a few best practices:

  • For most recipes, soak the chia seeds before adding them to coffee. Chia seeds are dense and chunky, so just putting them in coffee might not taste the most appealing. Instead, soak them in room temperature water for 20 minutes to an hour. They’ll absorb some water and take on almost a gel-like consistency. It’ll make them easier to drink. 
  • Consider adding milk or sweeteners for taste. Personally, I find that plain black coffee with chia seeds isn’t my favorite. It tastes a bit bland, and the chia seeds have a “natural” flavor that isn’t my favorite. But adding in some milk, sweetener, or making recipes like cappuccinos or mochas with them helps a lot. 
  • Try blended recipes for a smoother taste. If you want a smoother taste, try blending up your ingredients in caffeinated smoothies or other similar recipes. It helps evenly distribute the chia seeds throughout the beverage for more consistency. 

There are several ways you can effectively add chia seeds to coffee. The next section will break down some recipes I’ve come up with. 

The Best Chia Seed Coffee Recipes

Do you want to create the perfect chia-infused coffee? Below you’ll find a table with recipes I’ve come up with through experimentation. Personally, I recommend the chia seed mocha. I’m a big fan of anything chocolate, so I might be biased on that. But the blend of chia seeds and chocolate works really well for me. It tastes like drinking a healthy candy bar. 

Here’s the full table of recipes. 

Recipe NameIngredientsInstructions
Chia Seed Cold Brew1 cup of cold-brew coffee2 tablespoons of chia seedsSweetener of choice (optional)Milk or creamer of choice1. Mix chia seeds with cold brew coffee in a glass or jar.2. Let it sit for about 20 minutes or until the chia seeds have swelled up and the mixture has a gel-like consistency.3. Add sweetener if desired.4. Top with milk or creamer, and enjoy.
Chia Seed Coffee Smoothie1 cup of brewed coffee (cooled)1 banana1 tablespoon of chia seeds1 cup of almond milk1 teaspoon of honey1.   Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.2.   Serve immediately for a refreshing and energy-boosting smoothie.
Chia Seed Mocha1 cup of hot brewed coffee1 tablespoon of cocoa powder2 tablespoons of chia seedsSweetener of choice (optional)Whipped cream (optional)1. Brew a cup of coffee and add cocoa powder.2. Stir in chia seeds and let them sit for about 15 minutes.3. Sweeten to taste.4. Top with whipped cream for an extra treat.
Chia Seed Iced Coffee1 cup of brewed coffee (cooled)2 tablespoons of chia seedsIce cubesSweetener of choice (optional)Milk or creamer of choice1. Brew a cup of coffee and let it cool.2. Stir in the chia seeds and let sit for about 20 minutes, until the chia seeds have swelled, and the mixture has a gel-like consistency.3. Fill a glass with ice cubes, and pour the coffee and chia mixture over it.4. Sweeten to taste, and add milk or creamer if desired.

How to Tailor These Recipes to Individual Taste Preferences

While these recipes work well for me, everyone has different tastes. There are a few ways to customize them for your own preferences. 

  • If you like sweeter or more milky coffee, add more milk or sweetener to them. 
  • If the chia seeds taste too dense, try cutting the amount you include in half. 
  • Adjust any other ingredients in them up or down by preference. For instance, if you want a mocha that’s more chocolatey, at more cocoa powder. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment here and even come up with your own favorite combinations! 

Selecting the Best Chia Seeds for Your Coffee

Now that we have the recipes down, which chia seeds are best to use? Here’s a brief guide to choosing the best chia seeds. 

Guide to Choose the Optimal Chia Seeds for Coffee

Here’s what to look for in chia seeds you add to coffee:

  1. Look for chia seeds that are speckled black or white. You don’t want them to be completely brown since that symbolizes they haven’t matured enough yet. Unmatured chia seeds won’t have as many health benefits. 
  2. Look for chia seeds from Mexico, Bolivia, or Ecuador. These are the top locations that have been growing chia seeds for thousands of years. They need to be grown at a certain temperature to have their full nutritional capacity. These places will provide the best environment for that. 
  3. Buy only raw and organic chia seeds. Certified organic chia seeds are grown using the best natural practices. They don’t use harmful pesticides or mass-processing production that can harm their nutritional value. 
  4. Buy chia seeds with 99.9% purity. Any label that specifies high purity will provide the best quality chia seeds. You want them to have all the proper nutritional components to get the most health benefits. 

Knowing all this, let’s look at some of the best chia seed brands on the market. 

Best Chia Seed Brands to Buy

The three brands I would recommend are:

  1. Viva Naturals Chia Seeds. These ones are sourced from Mexico and are certified organic. They taste great, are nutritionally dense, and mix well with coffee. 
  2. Healthworks Chia Seeds. Healthworks sources its chia seeds from Mexico and South America. They’re all grown on small sustainable farms. These are a great value since you can buy them in a large 3-pound bag. 
  3. Spectrum Essentials Chia Seeds. These certified organic chia seeds are great if you’re looking for a smaller bag to try them for the first time. They taste great and take on water well to make them easily drinkable in coffee. 

I’ve enjoyed my chia coffee-drinking experience with each of these brands. 

Can Chia Seeds Be Added to Any Type of Coffee?

Chia seeds are versatile. You can add them to virtually any type of coffee. Just be sure to follow best practices, like soaking them in water first, and you’ll be just fine. I’ve had great experiences using them in hot, cold, and blended beverages alike. 

What’s the Ideal Time to Drink Chia Seed Coffee?

Personally, I’ve found drinking them right away in the morning works best for me. Since chia seeds are nutritionally-dense, adding them to coffee can make a great breakfast. So if I don’t have time to sit down for a full meal, it’s a great option when I’m on the go. 

Otherwise, drinking chia coffee after a meal is another good idea. As mentioned before, they help with blood sugar levels. I find that when I drink chia coffee after a sugary or big meal, it helps me feel more “evened out.” That way, I don’t have any unnecessary crashes or fatigue. 

Try drinking chia coffee at different times of the day. You’ll find what works best for you! 


Overall, chia seed coffee does have many benefits. It’s nutritionally packed full of antioxidants and essential nutrients like calcium, fiber, magnesium, and more. You really can’t go wrong with it. Plus, you can make many chia coffee recipes that taste great. I recommend giving it a try! 

If you have tried chia seeds in coffee before or give one of my recipes a go, comment below with your thoughts. I’d enjoy hearing about your experiences with chia-seed coffee too.  


Can You Soak Chia Seeds in Coffee? 

It’s usually best to soak chia seeds in water before adding them to coffee. If you soak them in hot coffee, you can run into issues where they take too long to take on water. So your coffee will go cold before they become drinkable.  

Can You Put Chia Seeds in Drinks? 

You can add chia seeds to many drinks, along with coffee. They can work well in water, juices, teas, and smoothies. 

Can You Grind Chia Seeds in a Coffee Grinder? 

Yes, you can grind chia seeds in a coffee grinder. Grinding them before putting them in coffee can make them taste smoother. 

What Not to Mix with Chia Seeds? 

Chia seeds will work well with the vast majority of added ingredients. The one thing that isn’t recommended is adding additional omega-3s to your mixture. Since chia seeds contain such a high amount of omega-3s, consuming more could make your blood too thin and cause an increased risk of bleeding hazards. If you take an omega-3 supplement, be aware of that too.

Can I Add Chia Seeds to Bulletproof Coffee? 

Yes, you can add chia seeds to bulletproof coffee. They’ll add even more nutritional benefits to your mixture of healthy ingredients.

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